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Flower Meanings

Love Month

February is our LOVE month!

The traditional flower of LOVE is the humble rose. Beautiful, sweet smelling and it comes in a myriad of colours.  Have you ever wondered what all those colours actually mean?  Well, we are here to let you know!

When it comes to selecting a rose bouquet, you are spoiled for choice. From classic white roses to ruby reds, these flowers are absolutely amazing, and truly diverse in the visual effects they can achieve.

It is true that each different coloured rose has its own meaning, thought and message. Let’s take a look at this in more detail, so you know exactly what message is being conveyed.

Red Roses

Red roses carry the meaning of love and romance, and will always be the best way to show affection to your significant other. Red roses, especially the deep dark ones have a unique type of beauty that is not found in other types of roses.

Pink Roses

A pink rose translates to grace and elegance, joy and sweetness. It is a token of admiration, happiness, and appreciation. Pink roses are available in darker and lighter shades and create a splendid, nuanced bouquet.

Yellow Roses

Also known as Gold Roses, these are bright flowers which evoke feelings of glee, happiness, and good cheer. If you receive a bouquet of yellow roses, someone is telling you how much they value your friendship.

White Roses

White roses are pure and so represent charm and virtue. They are mainly used at weddings to represent the opening of a new chapter in your life. White roses also express remembrance.

Orange Roses

These are a sign of energy, desire, enthusiasm, and excitement. Send orange roses to your loved one to tell them how passionate you are about the romance that you share.

Lavender Roses

Lavender roses act as a reminder of your love, or as a captivating way to show how much you care.

Cream Roses

Send cream roses to a person that you think is charming, or to show someone you are thinking of them. Cream roses are the best gift to a family member or friend going through a difficult time.

Green Roses

These are a symbol of life, and carry a meaning full of energy and drive.

Black Roses

The message sent by black roses is one of sadness, sorrow, and farewell.

Peach Roses

A peach rose bouquet is the best way to show appreciation to someone. They are a sign of gratitude and the best way to say “Thank You!”


So now you know! No matter what colour you choose, it is the thought behind the gift that really counts.


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Stop and Smell the Roses

As the old saying goes, “stop and smell the roses” – meaning don’t forget to take time to appreciate the little things in life. However – flower lovers rarely need to be told to do so. As a flower fanatic, how much do you know about the different varieties, and how to take care of them?

What’s the most popular flowers?

If you’re looking for a flower to give to someone you care about, these types are a must!


A springy, happy flower, the Gerbera can bring joy to any room. It comes in an array of different colours to help you express the perfect sentiment. The orange Gerbera is known to mean sunshine of life, while the red is known to express love and admiration.


Roses are often purchased in bouquets to give to loved ones. Why are they so popular? There are a wide variety of colours, smells, and sizes. Some of the most popular colours include red, yellow, and white, and they all have their own meaning. Red roses are a symbol of love while yellow roses are a symbol of friendship. White roses symbolise purity.


Another popular flower to give in a bouquet, carnations come in tons of beautiful colours. The colours each mean something different, which is why this flower is so popular with those who really want to express their true emotions. Carnations in general mean “woman’s love”, while pink carnations specifically stand for “mother’s love.” Light red carnations stand for admiration, and dark red represents a woman’s affection. The list goes on!


If you want to give a flower that symbolises purity and beauty, the lily is the flower for you! White lilies symbolise modesty, while orange lilies stand for passion. Lily of the valley is a symbol of sweetness and purity of heart.

Caring for your flowers

After you’ve received or given a beautiful flower bouquet, you’ll want to keep them beautiful for as long as you can. Here are some tidbits about caring for your flowers:

  • Clean the vase before dropping your flowers in so that the growth of microorganisms is slowed.
  • Be sure to remove all the leaves that are submerged in the water as they start to deteriorate.
  • Change water daily and add flower food to make sure that the flowers always have something to eat and drink.
  • Cut the stems at least 2 cm per day to keep them fresh.
  • When you place your flowers in cool temperatures, they’ll lose less water.
  • Keep your flowers away from heaters, heat vents, televisions or sources of direct light since this may wither them and cause colour fade

Everyone enjoys a bouquet

Next time you’re wondering what to purchase for a friend or family member, consider a beautiful bouquet! They’re sure to brighten any room.